Our Strengths

expertise with wood

Expertise with wood


Over 20 years of experience in 3-layer panel production

Over 20 years of experience in panel production and numerous innovations make ALFA the European market leader for 3-layer panels.




385 different kinds of panel

ALFA offers 385 different kinds of panel: this product diversity in 3-layer and singlelayer panels is unique and unsurpassed. Numerous different types of panels, in various thicknesses and 17 selected hardwood species, guarantee the right panel for every application and leave room for bespoke production requests.

painting with wood



This makes for truly unique pieces of furniture

Perfectly optimised storage logistics and professionally structured production make it possible for every customer request to be specially manufactured and delivered on commission – from large panel formats to assembled, cut-to-size, panels. All fronts are therefore hand-sorted according to colour and texture.

factory Pram

Made in Austria


inextricably linked with Austria

The ALFA brand is a promise of quality and is inextricably linked with Austria, where a feeling for wood and its processing has a long tradition. This expert craftsmanship, passed on through generations, is the foundation for the high quality of ALFA’s products. It is why we invest so much in training our employees and in our Austrian production sites.

ALFA Engineer

ALFA Engineer


customer-oriented solutions

ALFA’s technical expertise and flexible process also allows development of customer-oriented solutions for specific, on-going, specialist production. Consulting plays a very important role in this regard and it is provided by ALFA engineers who have a great deal of knowledge about hardwood processing. This consulting service helps us develop and manufacture individually customised panel products according to exact customer specifications – in particular specialist production for the interiors of public and commercial buildings and for industrial applications.




ALFA stands for trustworthiness

Punctual delivery and high product quality are hallmarks of our company philosophy. On-going inspections in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure our high standards. They include checking the wood quality of every piece before it leaves the site, along with its form stability, processing and adhesion quality.




ALFA is considered a pioneer and pacesetter in the industry

The company has earned this reputation step by step, through numerous groundbreaking innovations. The cornerstone of this success is our internal development team, which is constantly searching for new solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs. The result is a range of revolutionary products that have kept pace with the times and create new trends, such as wall cladding Waldkante, Oak.pure.style, door blades and ALFA.G3.