Hermann Pretzl

depends on the values that a company lives by


ALFA’s corporate mission statement is “success depends on the values that a company lives by”. Since 2000, Hermann Pretzl has followed this principle in managing ALFA, which has successfully established itself as the European market leader for 3-layer panels through its know-how and comprehensive expertise with wood. Additionally, he has been responsible for the sustainable, environmentally friendly production of TEAM 7 solid wood furniture since 2008, as the company’s Managing Director.

“Austria as a location is very close to our hearts. This is where we have our roots, and where we find the passion for wood that is evident in the high quality of our furniture, down to the smallest detail. A feeling for wood and its processing has a long tradition here. This expert craftsmanship, passed on through generations, is essential for the high production quality of our hardwood panels. We invest a great deal in domestic production, so that the traditions of Austrian craftsmanship can continue to be a sign of quality for our products in the future, and so that the appreciation of wood is not lost.”


HERMANN PRETZL, Managing Director