System 14

Your order, delivered to your door as per your instructions in max. 14 days, with a choice of 14 types of wood


Time is money, as the saying goes, and today this is more the case than ever before. We can help you save time and therefore make significant financial savings. Our unique ‘System 14 Service Package’ leaves you free to focus on more challenging tasks. It is also the key to minimising the risk of offcuts and reducing your storage costs. Plus, you can rest assured that your commissioned System 14 Service Package will arrive on-site 'just in time' and that it will be of premium quality.


FAST: Arrives 14 days after receipt of order

We meet a core customer requirement: the goods arrive at the recipient's address 14 days after ordering, with inset edgeband: +2 additional days.


DIRECT: Delivery direct to the carpenter/joiner on request

To optimise the process, we can deliver directly to the carpenter/joiner, if desired.


ECONOMICAL: No offcut costs

This means up to 15% lower costs; or even better, up to 15% higher profits.


PROFESSIONAL: Unique hardwood products

Our highly skilled employees ensure the individual panels are assembled in a way that makes the best possible visual impact.
Please also send your own diagram in!


INDIVIDUAL: Any custom design possible

Carpenters/joiners can select any dimensions they want.


DIVERSE: 17 different types of wood

European maple, hard maple, birch, ash, steamed ash heartwood, alder, steamed beech, steamed beech heartwood, oak, rustic oak, wild oak, steamed cherry, steamed pear wood, steamed nut, steamed textured nut, steamed rustic nut, steamed nut without sapwood